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Christmas Craft And Gift Open House 2009

Thank you for stopping by!
I am going to share with you some pictures from the
Christmas Craft and Gift Open House that I hosted in my home in December.
I know I am late getting these posted but hopefully you will enjoy looking at them.
The open house was held December 17th - 20th
and it went great until the 21" of snow we had on the 20th.

Even with all the snow I still got up and got ready because I thought for sure someone
would be brave enough to trek through the snow to come!
But since I live on a dirt road and it is one of the last roads in
the township to get plowed ... needless to say we had no customers on Saturday.
But the rest of the days were a success.
I had a total of 7 different vendors participate including myself.
We had a nice variety of items which included
hand painted glass, jewelry, soaps and lotions, wreaths,
ornaments, wooden items, home baked goods,
vintage items as well as gift items.
Here are some pictures from the open house:

Here is a link for more pictures:

This was a lot of work but so much fun!
I had refreshments set up that included
hot chocolate, cookies, brownies and candy
and each vendor donated a door prize.
I am planning another in the Spring and I can hardly wait.
Thanks for looking.

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