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Collection of Vintage Rose Dishes

Well instead of Spring cleaning I have been doing some Fall cleaning
mainly because I didn't get to it in the Spring... or Summer for that matter!
I love collecting vintage dishes especially ones with roses
but I really don't enjoy the job of washing them all!
But needless to say they needed to be done!
I finally got them all back in my china closet...
but still haven't got the vintage doilies washed and back in ... sigh!
The set on the top shelf are one of my favorites.
I found them at a yard sale in perfect condition for $3.50 for the set!
They have wild roses on them and I think they are beautiful.
The second shelf is a mismatch of rose dishes and my
very small collection of pink depression glass.
This set of dishes I bought when I was 17 years old
from an elderly lady that I cleaned for.  
Wow that was 30 years ago! Shhh... lol
The funny thing is I have about 20 dinner plates
and only 1 cup! 
Someday........ I plan on using some of the extra plates for a 
broken china table mosaic and looking for some more matching cups.
So there you have it my nice clean collection of 
vintage rose dishes in my china closet :)
 I made this rose pomander ball to hang on the key.
I hope you enjoyed looking at
part of my collection of vintage dishes!

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  1. Spring cleaning (or fall cleaning) is never fun! Love your dishes and oh, that china closet...very nice! Thanks for visiting my site and following me.

  2. Your right it's not! lol Thank you for your kind comments and for visiting. The china closet belonged to my grandmother and she left it to me, she even wrote my name on the back! It is very special to me.
    Have a great evening,

  3. I've been Fall cleaning as well. It never ends. You have a beautiful collection, and a lovely place to display it. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and following. Following back. xoxoRosemary

  4. Hello Rosemary,
    Thank you for your kind comments and for stopping by my blog and following. Yes the cleaning never seems to end!
    Have a wonderful day,

  5. Beverly, Your dishes are lovely and I like the way they pop against the dark wood of the hutch!

    I'm your newest follower. Please stop by and say hi.

  6. Very pretty! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  7. Hi Beverly,
    Love your rose inspired china! As I'm a rose china person, I have enjoyed seeing it all. Your rose pomander ball is very sweet too. Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  8. Hello PJ,
    Thank you for the visit and I signed up to follow yours too! Thank you for the compliment on the dishes :) ♥
    Have a great evening,

  9. Hello Sherry,
    You are very welcome and thank you for hosting and stopping by to visit my blog♥
    Have a great evening,

  10. Hello Sandy,
    I am late with my reply to you but thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words. I hope you and your family had a Happy Thanksgiving also and Merry Christmas♥♥♥


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