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Rusty Tin And Cinnamon Painted Ivy

I was looking through some things in my shed today and I came across this little rusty tin.
I think it originally belonged in an old coffee pot because it was in a bag with other old inserts for percolator coffee pots.  But I thought with all the holes in it that it would be perfect for a candle and would look like a punched tin candle holder.

I wrapped a piece of burgundy checked ribbon around it and tied some cinnamon sticks together and put in the center.  Then I added some white pip berries... but it still looked "unfinished".  I had some green silk ivy but it was "too green" and didn't match the rustic country look of the tin.

So I decided to paint the ivy with cinnamon and vanilla!  I have used this technique with plaster christmas ornaments but I had never tried it on silk flowers.  I must say it turned out better than I had expected!


This is so easy and all you need is about a tablespoon of ground cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla extract. You just mix them together until you get the consistency of paint and brush it on the leaves. 

You could also mix the cinnamon with some white all purpose glue like I use on my gingerbread ornaments to look like batter.  But I like the added scent of the vanilla and it dries to a lighter "rusty" color than the darker color of mixing with glue.

Once the leaves were dried I added them to the candle holder.  This is an upclose picture and you can see how pretty the cinnamon looks on the leaves. 

I added a battery operated candle inside and it looks so pretty lit up. 

I will be listing this on ebay
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this.

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