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Easy Valentine's Day House ~ Sweet Pink Confection!

Well since we were snowed in for 3 days me and my son Derrick
decided to make a Valentine house.

This was so easy and all you need are
pink strawberry wafer cookies, canned icing and assorted candies.

Here are the directions:
Start by assembling 4 walls using icing as the morter.
Then stand each wall up and icing the 4 corners.
Let dry for approx. 2 hrs. for icing to set.
Assemble 2 sections for the roof and join them with icing.
Icing the top section of the house where the roof will set and then set the roof on top.
I used toothpicks to hold the roof in place until it set.
Cut corners off of some of the cookies and fill in under the roof with icing.

I found the easiest way to do this is using a toothpick to hold them.
Again let dry for approx. 2 hours for the icing to set.
Once dry icing the roof and apply candy decorations.
Let dry overnight and then remove the toothpicks.
Hint: To speed up drying time you can preheat your oven and then turn it off
and place the house on a cookie sheet and put in oven while warm.
*** Do not leave oven on or it will burn***

Pink and white conversation heart candies decorate the roof.
We used a red Hershey's Kiss for the chimney!

A pink starburst and some red skittles for the windows.
Red Licorice for the door and sides.
This was so much fun I was ready to do a whole village...
but Derrick was bored after this one and was ready to go play in the snow.

But I am still thinking of little ice cream cone trees and a red hot's sidewalk!
Happy Valentine's Day ♥
I hope you enjoyed this and thank you for looking

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