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Mother's Day Gift Idea...Romantic Ivy Bowl Candle Holder

Today I want to share with you how to make a beautiful candle holder from a glass ivy bowl and a glass votive candle holder.  These are so easy and only take about 15 minutes to complete. 

I purchased the ivy bowl and candle holder at The Dollar Tree.  Hint: While you are in the store make sure that the candle holder will fit inside of the ivy bowl.

Materials Needed:
Glass Ivy Bowl
Glass Votive Candle Holder
Piece of Lace
Piece of Ribbon
String of Craft Pearls
Small Silk Roses
Candle or Battery Operated Tea Light Candle
Glue Gun/ Glue

First make sure that your ivy bowl and candle holder are clean and all stickers are removed.

Fill the ivy bowl with your choice of feathers.

Using your hot glue gun apply 4 dots of glue around the top of the ivy bowl and insert the candle holder quickly before the glue dries.

Take a piece of lace and wrap around the ivy bowl and glue the ends together.

Then wrap a piece of ribbon around the lace and glue the ends.

And then you would also take a strand of pearls and wrap around on top of the ribbon and glue the ends.

Then make a little bow out of the ribbon and glue this in the center where the lace, ribbon and pearls meet. (to hide where you glued)

Then add a string of pearls to the center of the bow to dangle down.

And then glue your two rosebuds in the center of the bow.

Add a battery operated tea light or a votive candle and you are done!

These are so versatile!  Instead of feathers you could add buttons and little spools of thread tied off with a measuring tape, potpourri, mini kitchen items, old jewelry... the possibilities are endless!!!
This makes a beautiful and inexpensive gift esp. for Mom for Mother's Day and would also be a beautiful table centerpiece for a wedding.

I hope you enjoyed this craft and thank you for stopping by my blog.

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