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Stiffened Lace Heart Tutorial for Valentine's Day

Today I am going to share a quick and easy tutorial
for making wired lace hearts.
The first is a stiffened lace heart
made with same technique that I used
Materials Needed:
Clothes hanger or piece of heavy wire
Lace ~I used 6" gathered lace for this
Home made Mod Podge = All purpose glue and water
white spray paint (if desired for the wire)
I started by reshaping my wire clothes hanger
into the shape of a heart 
Then I spray painted it white so it would blend in with
the lace.  
Thread the clothes hanger through the little "pocket"
at the bottom of the gathered lace.
~this is like threading a curtain rod through a curtain pocket~
The amount of lace you will need will depend on the 
size of your heart... I used approx. 4 yards of lace for mine.
Once you have your lace threaded onto the wire
 dip your lace wire and all into a bowl of 
home made mod podge =
approx. 1 cup of glue to 1 cup of water
mixed well to the consistency of milk.
Or you could also use Aleen's or another brand of fabric stiffener.
Thoroughly saturate the lace with the mixture.
You will want to cover your table or work
area with saran wrap, aluminum foil or wax paper.
I used saran wrap for mine.
Then shape the lace around the wire heart
and let dry overnight.
Once dry add a bow and your finished!
I reused the pink bow from my Plant Stand Christmas Tree.
I hung this on my mirror in the dining room 
with a string of clear fishing line.
I also did some smaller wired hearts
by threading floral wire onto 1" gathered pre-stiffened lace
and adding ribbons, pearls and roses.
I used approx. 24" of lace for these.
After wiring the lace simply shape into a heart and decorate.

I hope you enjoyed these,

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial! The wreath looks lovely!

  2. Hello Ruth,
    You are very welcome and thank you I appreciate the compliments.
    Have a wonderful evening,

  3. So pretty! I'm following you back via Linky!

    1. Thank you Honey I appreciate the comments and the follow!
      Have a wonderful day,


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