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Happy Leap Day ~ A Marriage Proposal???

Hello everyone,
Happy Leap Day!
Now here is a Leap Day Fun Fact that is new to me ~
According to Irish tradition, February 29 is a special day set aside 
where women may ask for a man’s hand in marriage!
Had I known this I may have lined up some prospects!!  ;~)

Here are a few fun vintage postcards I found at

Guess I will have to wait another 4 years!

Here is a fun post you can find on AttaGirls Blog
about Leap Year's Most Eligible Bachelors
from a newspaper article from 1888
Stop by and see which one you would have chosen!

Hope you enjoyed these!

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  1. I didn't know about that tradition! Sounds like a lucky day for someone :) BTW....your pinterest boards are absolutely beautiful....just started following :)

    Have a blessed and wonderful day.

  2. Hello Karianne,
    Guess it could be lucky or unlucky... lol. Thank you I am so glad you are following your's are lovely too and I signed up to follow you also.
    Have a wonderful evening,

  3. Hi Beverly! I love your cottage style :) I wanted to say thank you for following me and I am now a new follower as well :)

    I had never heard of this Leap Year tradition either. Pretty cool!!!

    1. Hello Caroline,
      Thank you for the compliments and for stopping by and following.
      have a wonderful day,

  4. Wedding proposals are one of the best events in a girl's life. It is a real tear-jerker for a lot of women. :)

    college dating


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