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Easy Romantic Pearl Covered Votive Holder

This is an easy votive candle holder made by wrapping a glass votive cup with a strand of craft pearls.

Materials Needed:
Glass Votive Cup
Approx. 3 yards of Pearls
(depending on what size pearls used,,, for this project I used 3m - the tiny ones)

To begin remove any stickers from the votive and make sure it is clean and dry.

Starting at the center bottom of the votive cup apply a dot of low melt glue and make a tight circle with the strand of pearls.

Continue glueing and wrapping the pearls until the bottom of the votive cup is covered.

Turn the votive up and continue glueing and wrapping until you have the entire cup covered.

Add a candle or battery operated tealight candle and you have a beautiful romantic votive holder.

These would be beautiful for a wedding table centerpiece and would also make a great gift item.

These look so pretty when they are lit with the light shining through.

I hope you enjoyed this craft and thank you for stopping by.

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