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Valentine's Day Tree

I just wanted to share my Valentine's Day Tree with you.
These are so easy to make.
I went outside and cut some branches off of a tree
and tied them together with a rubber band.
Since we still have snow on the ground here
I decided to spray them with a can of white snow instead of spray paint. 
After the snow was dry I put the branches in one of my
vintage milk glass vases.

I had trouble deciding which one to use but I finally decided on the tallest hobnail vase.
I decorated them with a small string of white lights.

Then I added a garland that I made from plasic coated paper clips
and some of my feather heart ornaments.
(I will post tutorials for these soon)

This is what I have so far I know it looks a little bare
but as soon as I get more made I will post some more pictures.

I hope you have enjoyed looking.

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