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Vintage Silverplate Tray Redo ~ Patriotic 4th Of July

I wanted to share with you an old silverplate tidbit
tray that I have redone.
I picked this up at a sale and it was in pretty bad shape
but usually these will clean up with a bit of silver polish...
but not this one!
This picture is after I tried to polish it.
It was rusted and pitted so I took it apart
and lightly sanded the rough spots
and decided to paint it red, white and blue!
I left the handles silver ♥
I painted both the tops and bottoms of the trays.
~ it is my table that is not level... not the tray :)
I think it turned out beautifully!

I also had a smaller one in the same condition
so I painted it white and distressed it
I always love how these turn out
and I love the look of the painted with the silver handles.

These are so easy to make and can be done in any color
to suit your theme or decor!

The the Patriotic one can be purchased

Have a wonderful day,
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  1. Looks good!:)


  2. Thank's so much ♥
    Have a wonderful day!


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