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Tutorial ~ Decoupaged Halloween Tree Using Vintage Post Cards

I would like to share with you this easy Halloween tree that I made.
It's not really much of a tutorial since it is so simple to make.

This started out as an Easter Tree that I had purchased in the Spring at the Dollar Store.

I spray painted it with flat black paint.

Then I found a Vintage Post Card Image on the web 
resized it and printed it out on plain copy paper.
Then I decoupaged it on the front of the pot.

And that is all there is to it. 
A cute little Halloween tree for $1.00!

If you do not have an Easter tree you could also make
one of these very easily by using a flower pot, spray expandable foam and real tree branches.
You would simply fill the pot with expandable foam and insert the branches and let the foam dry for 24 hours.
Then paint it and decoupage and your done!
Plus you would have your choice of what size tree you wanted.
Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoyed this.

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