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Easy Black Halloween Wreath And Black Roses ~ Dollar Store Craft

Normally when I do fall decorating I don't do the spooky Halloween themes.
I have always stuck with the pretty fall themes or the cute corn, pumpkin and scarecrows.
I always decorated so that it would carry me through until Thanksgiving.
But this year my son Derrick who just turned 11 wants to have a Halloween party with all the spooky stuff!
I didn't want to invest a lot of money in decorations so I went to the local Dollar Tree...
which I really should have stock in because I love any dollar store!
I found these great 18" evergreen wreaths!
I spray painted the wreath with flat black paint (also $1.00)
From a distance they almost look like a feather wreath!
Personally I think it looks great "as is"... but you could also add a bow or some decorations.
I loved the look of them so much that I also decorated a few for a local craft show.
I added a sign, bow and some creepy critters and stretched some
spider webbing across the wreath. 
Personally I'm not too crazy about these... but they are spooky!
I also used some cheap $1.00 white rose bushes and spray painted them black
and and then painted the tips of each rose.
I did a few in purple and a few in orange.
Here is an upclose pic of the purple ones.
 They had black roses with glitter tips for a dollar each...
but this way you can have a dozen for a $1 by using a bit of left over paint
and you could also add some glitter too if you prefer.
I hope you enjoyed this easy and inexpensive way to decorate for Halloween.
Thanks for looking and Happy Halloween Crafting,

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