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How To Make A Valentine's Day Gift Bag From A Recycled Pop Tart Box

Today I will be sharing with you how to make a Valentine's Day gift bag from a recycled pop tart box. 
This is a great way to reuse empty boxes and scraps of wrapping paper and have a beautiful one of a kind gift bag. I used old Victorian Post Card Images that I found on the web and printed them out on plain white copy paper.

Materials Needed:
Empty Pop Tart Box
Wrapping Paper
Glue Stick
All Purpose Glue
Valentine Image's (Old cards, Post Cards or Printed Image's)
12 inch piece of ribbon
Embelishments of your choice (lace, buttons, charms, etc.)

Here are the instructions:
Cut the top flaps off the top of an empty pop tart box.

Then sit the box on the wrapping paper and trace around the bottom of the box. You will then cut the paper about a 1/2 inch wider around than what you traced. Glue the bottom of the box using your glue stick and adhere the paper to the bottom of the box. Then glue about 1/2' above the bottom of the box and fold the paper up around the sides making sure all paper is flat against the box.

Then you will lay the box down sideways and measure about 1 inch longer than the sides and cut the paper making sure you leave enough length to wrap around all 4 sides of the box. (Tip: I have found it is easiest if you use the precut edge of the wrapping paper to go around the bottom because it is strait.) Using your glue stick glue all the sides of the box and wrap the paper around making sure all paper is flat. Then you will fold the extra top 1" of paper down and glue to the inside of the box.

Take a Valentine Card image and glue to the box. You can use old cards, post cards or their are lots of free downloadable images on the web. On this one I put an image on the front and a different image on the back. Next you will use all purpose glue around the image and anywhere else you want to add glitter and then add the glitter and shake off excess and let dry. You could also add buttons, charms, pearls or anything else you may like.

Once the glue is dried you will punch a hole on each side of the box for the handle. Finish off with a piece of ribbon about 12 inches long. Thread the ribbon on each side from the outside to the inside and tie with a knot.

Now you have a beautiful gift bag to fill with those special items for a special friend or loved one!

Here are some links for free Victorian Post Card Images:
These are just a few I know there are hundreds more out there.

These could be decorated so many different ways.
They would also be a great Valentine project for kids.
I think these will be a great project for my Sunday School Class next week!

Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy making this project!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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