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Paris Pink Cinderella Pumpkin With Tutorial

If fall colors don't really appeal to you or fit into your decorating style well here is an alternative to the normal orange colors.
These would also look great in a girl's cinderella theme room.
These are so simple to make and here is how to do it...

Materials needed:
Mini plastic pumpkins ( I got a box of 8 at Walmart)
White spray paint (I used Dollar General Brand)
Pink craft paint ( I used Apple Barrel Fushsia)
White craft paint ( I used Apple Barrel Bright White)
Green craft paint ( I used Apple Barrel Sage), Clear Glitter

Misc. supplies:
Aluminum tart pan (or similar to mix paint)
Non Stick Aluminum foil for drying
First I spray painted the pumpkins white. Once they dried I mixed the fushsia pink paint with some white in an aluminum tart pan until it was a lighter shade. I painted the whole pumpkin with the lighter pink except for the stem and let dry. Next I painted lines with the fushsia color in the grooves of the pumpkin. After that was dried I painted the stem with the sage green. When all the paint was completely dried I brushed white glue over the whole pumpkin and sprinkled it generously with crystal clear glitter.
I do not consider myself a great painter by any means but I think these turned out really pretty. I had thought about decorating them with feathers, roses, ribbon and lace but once the glitter was applied I thought they looked good just the way they are.
Hopefully this will be an inspiration for your next crafting project!
God Bless,

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